Sunday, June 17, 2007


It's Sunday morning and logically I should be fast asleep, but instead I'm writing a blog. Tonight was the Spinsters Annual Ball. I took 4 fabulous dates and we had an unbelievable time. :D I also got my cards read. I'm not sure how much you believe in psychics, palm readings or tarot readings, but this was definitely a bit freaky. Three of us did the tarot reading and a few others opted for the palm reading. Besides putting your energy into the cards, the tarot card reader doesn't know anything about you. You place your feet flat on the floor and repeat your full name 3 times. You shuffle and remove 3 cards from the deck face down. The tarot reader lines the cards up. The majority of readings are done past, present, future, one card symbolizing each. There is an option to ask a question for each card, however the lack of privacy makes it a bit difficult to feel comfortable. The insight this woman had is incredible. Without going into too much detail the first card she turned, with me, she interpreted that I am very emotional, which is quite true. She also said that I don't always show emotion and people don't always know what's going on with me. This again, is quite true. I found it ironic that of all the cards I could have picked, I picked that one. Emotional is also a common trait of the Zodiac sign Cancer, which is the sign I was born. Each person identified closely with their reading, but I didn't feel they were too broad to be interpreted any way you wanted. My last card was the Chariot. The Chariot shows that you are going for something. You have convition to accomplish something and if you work hard enough, you will. Lately, this is me - work, study, gym. Accomplishing what I've put on hold for far too long.

Finally we each picked an angel card. Another form of learning a little about ourselves. Mine was Simplicity. And I'm definitely keeping it simple Overall a great night, but seeing it's 5 am, I should stop this and head to bed.

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