Thursday, August 14, 2008

Already searching for minutes

Class begins Monday and I'm already looking for time to myself. The gatherings have been pleasant, but a bit exhausting. And yesterday, a group of us met for some pick up soccer, which ended in detriment as I officially sprained the OTHER ankle after healing the original from 1.5 weeks ago. It absolutely sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it.

PCAP was definitely worthwhile as we investigated ourselves to find out what matters to us, what de-energizes us, what items we excel at, what things we have to improve (etc...) and how we can combine the lot to develop life themes. We then rate the importance of each life theme and add supporting or contradictory evidence from the insights deduced from the various introspective tests. Eventually, we should be able to compare our desired functions and careers to the life themes. Thus seeing how good of a fit that function/career actually is. This is all made possible through Career Next Step and a few outside assessments. (Hopefully that made a little sense.)

I didn't exactly go to bed early last night and when I finally fell asleep, I found that the aircast on my right ankle made it quite difficult to get comfortable. I awoke a little after 3am, again at 4a, slightly before the 7a alarm and actually thrust myself out of bad at 10 after 7a. There were plenty of other times I refused to look at the clock as well. This made my attention struggle during today's Career Discovery Forums arduous. Various alumni returned to Darden to speak of their experiences in a variety of functions - from general management to investment banking to private equity. Some speakers were better than others, but overall, informative. There are a few jobs that I can clearly say, I'm not interested. Suppose that's a good start. Tomorrow morning kicks off with consulting at which 5 firms will be represented. In addition, there will be marketing and non-traditional job presentations. It's not likely that I'll make it to the latter as we leave at 3:30p to go camping for the weekend, but I will be bright eyed and ready at 8a for consulting, as that is one of two functions with which I'm currently toying. (It was also the function I noted in my essays...)

For this weekend, camping is going to be fun, though, the ankle may prohibit me from having as much as I wanted. I'm hoping tubing is still a feasible idea, may need some help from the roommate and a few classmates. We'll see. Only problem is, I need to complete some laundry before the trip. It'll have to wait until after my nap though. I am skipping tonight's festivities and when I return on Sunday, there are Darden festivities and our class picture. Time is flying and I'm searching for a few minutes to myself, but it's hard and I know it is about to get busier.

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