Thursday, August 07, 2008

Welcome Back to College

It's currently difficult for me to see the difference between undergrad and grad school. Granted, I'm sure that will change once the real work starts, but I sit here, gatorade in hand, wondering if my body can handle the rest of Camp Darden's planned activities. Yes, I wrote, CAMP DARDEN and no it isn't exactly a school group. A handful of 2010 classmates have been in Charlottesville for almost a month. They have taken a tour of sorts - bowling, karaoke, bull riding, house parties etc and they began calling it Camp Darden. It started as an email list and has grown to a google group with a logo. Most of my classmates will know what you mean when you ask what camp festivities are planned and the list of people/festivities keeps getting longer. Beer pong was last night and though I never played much in college, I held my own for Team Awesome - we even won a game. The plethora of Natural Light beer reminded me that we're here. At Colorado, we drank Keystone, but same difference esp. after a couple pong games. Tonight is the Triple Threat Birthday Party... starting at 7:30p. Ouch! Additionally, Friday - Sunday all have parties planned.

On the school front, we're in the middle of PreMats. I took the Excel course as a basis of learning how Darden wants me to tackle Excel. It was beneficial. Econ started today and though it probably would have been smart to take it, I opted not. Hopefully I can find someone who is good at Econ if I need the help. I'm already zeroing in on other functions as well. One of my friends is an accountant and though I do have an accounting background, I'm not good with the intricate details. Another is an excel wizard when it comes to making spreadsheets look pretty. These are all little tidbits that I'm sure will help me in the future.


always thinking said...

I had no idea you won Best of Blogs from Clearadmit! Way to go!! :-)

Lauren said...

I'm always here for Econ assistance whenever you need it. I know I'm not right there with you, but still willing to help :).