Sunday, August 10, 2008


It was another rowdy weekend, but it's time to buckle down. Classes start in a week and this week is all about career discovery, which I suppose is part of the purpose of business school. My roommate was told by a second year that of the people who know what they want to do now, 50% of them will get a summer internship in that function and then half of those will change their mind about the function after the internship. So if you don't have a set goal on what you want to do, it's ok, likely it would change anyway. However, each of us still wants to find the best fit, which is why we're partaking in PCAP - Personal Career Assessment Program. Before tomorrow, there are two online assessment tests that must be completed as well as 2 cases. Overall, doesn't sound too complex, but I'll admit, I'm having some difficulty with the introspection - odd given that I write about myself in an open forum all the time. I suppose I also get a bit nervous when I think about it because this program should help me narrow my focus for the job search. As much as I'm ready to start the job search, I am still overly open with the functions in which I'm interested. Perhaps too open.


always thinking said...

does the whole experience get any easier? and is it just as nervous, anxious and utterly wonderful as I expect it to be? :-P

JulyDream said...

I think it gets easier and harder at the same time. But it definitely exceeds expectations. ;)