Sunday, August 31, 2008


We're all adults and thus, Darden says that we may select our own priorities. They also note that prioritization is one of the number one skills you will learn in business school. However, there are limits on how many of those priorities can be outside class - you are allowed 2 absences - unexcused, per quarter, per class. Basically, don't use them all in the same place. The list of excused absences is short, but it is because if students aren't in class and the case method is essentially taught by students, you risk an incomplete education. Not something you want for that chunk of tuition forked over at the beginning of the term.

My latest dilemma wasn't exactly a big one initially. This weekend, I am IN a wedding in San Francisco. The woman is basically a sister to me and as much as I'd love to say that I wouldn't miss her day for the world, truth is, if I wasn't a bridesmaid, I may not be here.

The accumulating days at Darden definitely got the best of me on Friday. I was a bit woozy and it was hard for me to pay appropriate attention in class. Then ask me to link Friday's cases with any of the others we've had and you're simply asking for a miracle. After a 2 hour drive from C'ville to Dulles, I boarded my flight and slept the entire trip home. Landing in SF, my ride was already at the airport and I went straight home to shower before joining the rehearsal dinner party in SF. It was extremely late on the East coast when I finally crawled into bed.

Saturday kicked off with manicures and pedicures for the bridal party, followed by lunch. I wish I had come home and worked on cases, but a nap won my attention. Last night I packed 2 more bags of winter clothes so if it does get cold, I will be covered. Finally, it's Sunday morning - the morning of the wedding and I STILL haven't touched my cases. (Understanding the theme?) My parents leave in 30 minutes as their flying through JFK tonight and head to Africa tomorrow. My flight leaves at 10:10p tonight and I must be in SF for the wedding at 11 am. Not only is that a long day, but also the only time I get to sleep before Sunday night and Monday class is a 5 hour plane flight. OUCH! Oh yeah, still need to finish my cases.

I've already figured that I WILL miss DA on Monday. I'm not happy about it, but it was the only way to make everything work. The wedding is my priority (though I'm definitely stretching myself thin).

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always thinking said...

man oh man. and I thought I was stretching myself too thin. ;-)

Sounds like the adventure is teaching you a lot about yourself though...even more than the apps process did!