Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm moving a little slower than I had anticipated this morning. I thought camping sounded like a good relaxing start to the craziness that will ensue starting at 4p today, unfortunately, it was another level of insanity. Our fearless leader planned the trip perfectly. Part of the group met at 3p on Friday to head to our campsite, the other half met us there. The site had a large mess hall and a couple of bathrooms thankfully. But besides that, it was 2 days with bugs, dirty clothes and beer. Friday night after a fantastic dinner we made smores and bonded. By 2am those left were attempting to remember all the words to Jimmy Buffet's Martgueritaville.

Saturday kicked off with a light breakfast and some sandwich making. The group filled 6 or so coolers with beer, sandwiches, chips and ice. At that point, we were prepared for tubing down the river. People strategically latched on to various coolers and each other. A couple of us were wanders, but for the most part there were two large flotillas. It took a solid 5 hours or so to cover 3 mi of river, which is likely why my back has a little too much color.

Most people took naps after tubing before another amazing dinner. Things got out of hand Saturday night when we turned the mess hall into a rowdy room of drinking games. Beirut on one table and two tables for flip cup. All good times, but definitely contributed to my delay today.

I think the hike that was tentatively scheduled for this morning was essentially canceled, however, I didn't stay around to find out. We broke camp around 9a, cleaned and left by 10a. I've just returned. Enough time to shower, eat, relax for a few minutes before the first year barbecue on grounds. (Darden is located on the north GROUNDS, not campus.)And it begins...

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