Friday, August 22, 2008


The great thing about b-school is activity. The unfortunate thing about activity is that you must be physically healthy in order to partake. I've had my falls and a laundry list of injuries, but none as reoccurring as my ankle(s). After 7 days, my right ankle is still swollen from a wrong move in a pick-up soccer game. I had hoped that it'd be a couple weeks, but as days pass, I must be more realistic. Six weeks is my target at this point.

I appreciate the concern from all of my classmates, but at the same time, I'd rather forget about the injury. I've spent 2 days on crutches which is enough for a lifetime, but I'd be happy if that's my quota for the next year. Physical therapy starts tomorrow, although I'm not sure when I'll have time in the next few weeks to continue treatment. The schedule is insane! It's no wonder Darden will never deny that it is rigorous. I can only hope that we get better and faster at cases.

Tomorrow we don't have class (and I'm thankful). I needed to catch up on some sleep. We do however, have Voyage of Discovery, which is some sort of team building activity. We not only bond, but we are expected to run around and I'm guessing complete a scavenger hunt (speculation of course). Water and comfy clothes are our requirements and I suppose this is why I'm so down about my injury right now. Not to mention I missed soccer, baseball or football today - all of which were set up by SY for bonding. It's a difficult paradox, wanting to partake in activity and taking the right steps to heal.


Ameya said...

Hope your ankle's okay now... Seems like there's a lot of 'activity' going on, as expected!!! Am sure at the end of the day when you have a bit of a free time, you think of it and smile (well as of now, only when you also forget about your ankle!)

Wish you a speedy recovery.


Samantha said...

you poor thing! hope physical therapy helps it feel better