Sunday, August 17, 2008

Section D

Unofficial class starts tomorrow with the first two days being orientation and Wednesday being the first day we do cases. Tonight, there was a welcome ceremony and though the thoughts were great to hear, it was a struggle to stay focused. Also, after 2 weeks of meeting tons of people, we now know which section we are in. I am a member of SECTION D. It's a bit strange given that I know a number of people in my section already. Of course, I suppose I know a number of people here, so perhaps they're one in the same. On Tuesday, we should meet our learning teams as well, which will be another fun surprise.

In addition, I picked up my Q1 cases, WOW, the packet is thick. Looks like I may need to purchase a few binders. I haven't quite decided whether I share a binder between 2 classes or if each class needs its own. Something TBD.

Fun stats about the Darden Class of 2010:

Covers 5 continents
334 total class size
97 women
33% international

692 Average GMAT
3.35 Avg GPA
28 Age
22-34 Age Span

World record holder
Number of college athletes
Peace Corps Volunteers

25% Undergrad business majors
13% Economics
8% Have military experience

Each class seat had 9 people competing for it.

Most represented Universities:
25 Attended UVa
6 Attended Notre Dame


Oren said...

Definitely an interesting blend the 2010ers turned out to be.
See you in class in 7 hours.

Mandy said...

welcome to darden! it was great to finally meet you today! keep on bloggin and wearing that cool burton backpack.

Josh Hohman said...

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always thinking said...

world record holder? please tell me it's not for hot dogs consumed in 10 minutes... ;-)

Vika said...

Congrats on being in the best section ever :)