Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Learning Team

The unofficial stat is about 2% of learning teams don't work, so when you imagine who is going to be on this team, you hope and cross your fingers that your team doesn't end up in that 2%. There was much anticipation about learning teams and a few people even contemplated jumping Marsh (Director of Student Affairs)in advance. Today, after another class of logistics and one on career development, we received a slightly delayed intro to learning teams. After which we were instructed to look at the easels in the hall and go the the room number that corresponded with your name to meet your team. And you wonder why everyone views this as suspenseful? ;)

No one was in my room when I arrived, but I glanced at the envelope and immediately recognized 2 other names. We are a diverse group with vast experience for our young ages. And thankfully, we have a CPA! My man K tried to tell me he wasn't, but eventually divulged that important fact. I was afraid I was supposed to be the one with accounting knowledge. Let's just say, that wouldn't be a good thing even though it is one of my undergrad emphases.

My fellow female soccer star has all sorts of experience in international trade law. The Brazilian helped run multiple companies. Mr. Z helped build a company from scratch and finally, our Nigerian friend has lived all over the world - most recently in Singapore working on economic development. Definitely excited to get to know the gang!

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