Sunday, August 03, 2008


As we all know, we attend business school first and foremost for the education. However, there's another aspect that is often only spoken about in terms like community, networking, learning teams and sections. Though simply, we are referring to the social aspects of business school. In the grand scheme of things, life is about relationships - both personal and professional. Through both you may meet people who enrich your life on a level of friendship or who help you land your next job. The past few days, I have been socializing with my current first year Darden classmates.

I'll admit, when you walk into a room and get introduced to 8 of the 50 people standing there, it's a bit overwhelming. You claw to remember even one person's name and a tidbit about them. For me, I've worked slow. I aim to remember a handful of people, by name, each day. although it's even more difficult when you throw partners in the mix.

Thursday afternoon, I received a phone call and invite to a gathering in the building next to mine. Someone who had befriended me on Facebook remembered that I had arrived in town. Not only did I feel special, but I appreciated the chance to meet some people. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of the activites. The next night is when all hell broke loose.

The party at CD's house had been planned for weeks. It was the kick off to pre-matriculation classes, which begin tomorrow as well as another chance to meet 50 of your next BFFs. Luckily, I knew a number of people before I arrived, though, that didn't stop me from expanding my range. It was definitely a party for the books, a keg and a half kicked by midnight. Additionally, the flip cup and beer pong were quite entertaining to watch. (Anyone having flashbacks from college?) And the icing, making a beer run for Natural Light after the kegs were cashed. (Yes, definitely a "college" student again.) My favorite quote of the night... "I don't drink beer" ...looks down at beer in hand..."I DIDN'T drink beer."

Saturday was another day of moving in and after a trip to almost every desk store imaginable, I returned empty handed. Still looking. My roommate (who is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS I MIGHT ADD) and I stayed home and baked cookies, both sharing in the duties. It was a real delight and a good break though it didn't last long. This morning we met up with a group of about 15 people and headed to the national park for a 6.5 mi hike. Indeed, after a bout of stupidity, I rolled my ankle, again. The end of the night was another gathering and potluck! Lots of good meals and quite an array of dishes. I'm not sure I'm ready for tomorrow, but I already know at least 5 people in my 8 am class. That can only be a good thing.

I'm not sure if this is indicative of all schools or even all classes because each one is comprised of very different people, but it seems, this class will definitely be a social one.


HairTwirler said...

Yeah, if you missed out on frat life the first time around you can certainly get a full dose during the MBA! It sounds like you're having fun- which of course is the most important part of the MBA experience. ;)

Vika said...

The first couple of months will be like that. Then it will ease up a bit, although it seems there are always a couple of social outings to pick from at any given time. Good luck in pre-mats, next thing you know FY will be over!