Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Schedule

Cases are mounting and I can't even wait until the infamous "100 case party" (Party thrown for FY after 100 cases are completed). I'm not sure how close we are, though I know I will wake up one morning and go, really, we made it?

I still wake up and wonder what I've gotten myself into. No one ever apologizes for the schedule and the SYs simply smile as if they know something we don't. "Trust the process!" - the mantra that is supposed to calm our nerves and make everything better. I have no reason to question the process, yet it's hard not to when you feel like you're running into the ground.

Classes are in full swing and I think the only one left to attend is Operations. Classes at Darden are cascaded and if I could make any sense of the actual schedule, I would. We have 3 classes a day, approximately 1.5 hours each. For the quarter, I am taking 5 full classes, 2 mini and the schedule encompasses various "programs". Programs can range from Voyage of Discovery, the team building activity from last Friday to section norm discussions and presentations. Reading days also exist, but we haven't reached one yet.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm not sure how I'm going to work this. I have 2 cases to complete for learning team in addition to 3 club kick-off meetings, 2 classes and preparation for career management. Luckily, no Marketing class tomorrow because we were given time to complete an online test, which I finished on Saturday. I'm really not an overachiever, just simply trying to find a means to my survival.


Anand said...

You know you are coping well when you have time for a blog post in the first quarter. Keep it up!

JulyDream said...

Thanks Anand!! That gives me hope. ;)

OMGparishilton said...

I'm really not an overachiever, just simply trying to find a means to my survival.

Arent we all, love the line..