Friday, November 09, 2007

Who is JulyDream?

Perhaps this should have been my first blog post and over the past year, I've started this post multiple times, but I can never get it right. It's hard to convey who is JulyDream in one simple post. Nonetheless, figure out what it is I want to say about her, and in essence, me. JulyDream was my first online alias; started as a screenname that I created back when 56K was all the hype. Even though, the connection speed never seemed to venture over 28K. When I created JulyDream, I was roughly 11. In the midst of my middle school years, I never knew this alias would follow me as it has.

The Breakdown: I started with July because it is my birth month and for some reason a mild obsession of mine, much like birthdays in general. The latter part of the alias was construed from my love of dreams and everything that comes with them. I lived under a sea of stars that made my room glow bright for about 5 minutes solid before dimming to dreamland.

It all seemed logical at 11, and now, almost 15 years later, JulyDream still exists. I'll admit that I wait for the ridicule or the popped eyebrow when I tell someone my email address. Luckily, AIM names are meant to be ancient, so people just expect a name predating high school. Although I have tried many times to get a "grown up" email address, it never works. I have a short first name and nine letters in the last name is rather difficult. Additionally, I want something that I can tell someone with minimal spelling required. This is JulyDream.

So, who is she? She grew up a native of the Bay Area peninsula. After an uneventful high school experience saturated with athletics, she chose CU - Boulder over Arizona and San Diego. Her first semester she joined the CU Club Soccer team and can count on less than 2 hands how many times she went out drinking. Maybe it was a sense of responsibility, or perhaps it was simply that she enjoyed herself with and without the intoxication.

As the years passed in Colorado, she forged lifelong friendships, with which she continually keeps in contact. For the first 2 years post graduation, bimonthly trips were made to Colorado. Over the last year, those have dwindled, substantially. After an exciting homecoming weekend in October, she was quickly reminded why she viewed her Colorado experience as a perfect 4.

Post college, she moved home. Not just home in terms of the Bay Area though, but literally, home, the house in which she spent 7 of her growing years. If you've ever met her parents or even her grandmother and uncle, you'd understand what she means by, "her parents party more than she does." Her brother swears that if she leaves, he's moving out too. Hopefully, that plan isn't too far on the horizon.

Today her life revolves around work, soccer, and business school applications/essays. After completion of the GMAT two days before her 25th birthday, she researched schools. Her options narrowed to five schools - Kellogg, Ross, Darden, Georgetown, & London Business School. Her future plan is fairly specific, although completely conditional on business school acceptance.

More details:
Ice cream addict. Footy (soccer) player. Enjoys laughter. Pool enthusiast. Weak ankles. Independent. Caring. Honest. Flawed. Positive. Reliable friend. Traveler. Dancing queen. Organizer. Purist. Night-owl. Musically obsessed. Poet. Scarred. Tomboy. Baker. Patient. Outgoing. Sensitive. Loyal. Social. Sleep deprived. Pancake fanatic. Vivacious. Cuddler. Movie buff. Runner. Photographer.

I am JulyDream.

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Neo2000 said...

Not sure(admissions411?) how you found my blog but thanks for the tips. Looks like i'm going to be doing a whole bunch of essays over the next 3 weeks.

I guess i found the perfect post to comment on since i had no idea who you were or that you had actually left me a comment.

Applying to Chicago,Ross and Rotman. Was a Wharton hopeful but suckey acads doomed me. Wannabe entrepreneur :)