Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Every time life seems to calm down, I realize that it is picking right back up. I took last weekend off from writing essays and I intended to start them, Monday, maybe Tuesday. Needless to say, it is Wednesday and I see no beginning in sight - tomorrow if I'm lucky.

As for my car, it's official, I'm dropping it off at the dealership today and odds are, I will never drive it again. Wow, that's a scary thought. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the situation. On one hand, if I wanted my car, I'd keep it. No questions asked. On the other, the thrill of something new does excite me as well as better technology AND bluetooth capability. But, my car and I have had a functional relationship thus far, and sometimes I feel I'm cutting it short. The decision seems rushed, although I don't have a choice in the matter. It doesn't make any sense to extend my lease and makes even less sense to start a new lease. At that point, I might as well lease a new car. The economics of it all seems hard to comprehend when you think grad school could be 2 new cars, paid-in-full. Wow.

Back to business school applications - they're coming. I received my interview assignment from Kellogg earlier this week. I emailed the interviewer, but have yet to hear back from him. Presumably, I will call him this afternoon, but I don't want to seem like a pest. It's a thin line to walk when this individual determines a good portion of your future as a candidate for the school. My heart pitter-patters just thinking about it.

Spinsters is going well and I've realized that being on the hostess committee, you meet a lot of new people, who of course, I can't remember their names, but additionally, you don't have all the time to socialize. I feel like I missed a good portion of socializing with everyone yesterday. It isn't a huge deal, but due to my other current commitments, it's hard to connect with people.

After my meeting, I spent a few hours catching up with L1 and helping her with her finance homework. I seriously felt the case was more accounting than finance, however, that didn't change the numbers we were searching for. Unfortunately, I don't remember all the little things, like how to calculate depreciation expense for tax and book purposes. There's straight line and double declining balance, but the case did not specify which to use. Typically, you want to decrease your tax value more than your book value, but we used straight line for both. There were numbers that I didn't quite understand, so I did my best, however, I think I would have been more help if I was actually taking the class. This is what I have to look forward.

Guess it's time to stop emptying the head and start working on "work". That's an additional topic that I likely should not get into.

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