Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stay Away from the See's Candy!

It's that time of year again when all your vendors feel the need to send you yummy treats that add pounds to the scale output and inches to the waist. It's no wonder so many people declare some sort of physical activity as their New Year's resolution. Think about it, we basically start eating over Thanksgiving, and among family get togethers, holiday parties, and the vendors of the world shipping sugar filled gift boxes, we eat, we drink, and we are merry for an entire month! After Christmas, we all tell ourselves that it is one more week and then, only then, will we take charge of our lives and get our bodies moving again. After the faithful month decline, that plan never works well until Summer is on the horizon and thus, everyone struggles to get those well maintained bikini bodies back.

Well, I have an idea. It may seem simple, yet silly on the surface, but say, just for a moment, that we continue our work out regime through the holidays and try to limit ourselves to one brownie and two pieces of chocolate instead of the entire bag or box. Then we may all fit into those beautiful NYE dresses and dashing black tuxes. On that note, I need to get into the gym and stay away from the See's Candy box in the back room that is begging me to open it.

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