Friday, November 30, 2007

The Last

It's only been 2.5 hours since my last post, which isn't bad considering the additional essay revamp Georgetown two just received. I think I'm finally confident about my essays. It's a great feeling seeing that I was highly confident with all my essays when I hit the submit button on my last two applications, 3 weeks ago. It's time to give the rough drafts to dad for last minute changes. Additionally, my reviewer received one more copy for comment. Subsequently, I think I may have to fly to Colorado and take him to dinner, you will never know the value of a good reviewer unless you go through this process. My gratitude seems unrepresentative of how he has helped me. Lastly, my boss needs to finish my recommendation. Talk about cutting it close. ;) Perhaps we truly do have something in common seeing I sent the recommendation to him in September. I will be amazed if this is all completed by tomorrow night - the due date. Phew, off to get my ... less than... 3 hours of sleep. OUCH!

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