Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Progression...or Not

It has been at least four days since I have bothered to look at my Georgetown essays. I'm feeling more lethargic by the day. Additionally, I am not sure if I will apply to London Business School. The program is vitally international, which is what I desire, but the cost due to the decreasing value of the dollar is not something that I care to pay. I realize that the cost will be paid back with interest due to the education and experience, however, I can get a similar education for 50% of what LBS will cost. That's significant. I will just have to work hard to study abroad and perhaps work abroad. With this in mind, I'm 2 weeks away from my final D-day. I'm attending a Georgetown information session tomorrow and hoping that it will revitalize my lazy attitude.

On a positive note, I practiced last night and felt "on", although my knee is bothering me a bit today. I haven't had knee problems, which are common injuries in the soccer world, but after tripping over the ball twice yesterday, I felt out of sorts. I'm hoping it's temporary because our game this week is make or break for our season. There's a possibility that three teams will relegate this season, and I don't want to be one of them.

Also, I'm getting back into the gym, TODAY! After my ankle tweak over 4 weeks ago, I have skipped the gym more than I have attended. I particularly notice it in my playing and my endurance. Even though I don't have a problem playing the entire game, when I am working out, I feel better when I play. I realize this is the last game of the season, but I'm looking to make an impression.

On another note (this is the post of random thoughts), I can't believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT week. Once upon a time, I had to go searching for appropriate clothes for the Greenbrier. Luckily, I am now completely on the side of appropriate. I guess it is a sign that I am growing up.

And finally, another Vegas adventure is in the works. It's been about 7 months since I have been (which is about as long as I have... we won't go there), so I'm quite stoked to dance the night away and catch the 6 am flight home. Hopefully we won't miss it. Unfortunately, the price went up from yesterday. I'm hoping it regulates because I'm not in the mood to pay an additional $40.

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