Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Keeping my Fingers and Toes Crossed

Life is a whirlwind lately. I went to an LBS information session last night. It was interesting, but I'll admit, I didn't walk out of there with the same excited fuzzy feeling that I have had from so many other information sessions. I'm not sure if it was the presentation or the entire dynamic of the group. Either way, I'm still applying, you can't beat the international position of London or LBS. It's simply amazing. Here's hoping.

We're about 2 weeks out from Thanksgiving, which is a scary thought, as well, I haven't touched my Georgetown essays yet and I have 3 weeks to complete them. After that last 2 sets, that probably sounds like a lifetime, but I'm slowly losing my drive to complete applications. It's quite funny how some people do 1 or 2 and give up and then there are those that are excessive. I think 5 is the right number for me, there again, I haven't completed 2 of the 5. People keep asking what my number one choice is and as I carefully repeat, I'd be happy to go to any one of the schools to which I'm applying. It's true!

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