Monday, October 29, 2007

B-school Freak Out

It seems every few days I'm on the verge of breaking. "What if?" I feel that I have so much weighing on these business school applications. My next year is tentatively planned around me attending business school in a state other than California. I'm putting off moving out because it isn't logical to do it before then. I want to travel Europe for a few months, but I can't plan that unless I find out if I got into any of the schools.

They say in essence you're only competing against yourself. And perhaps that's true, but you can't help but feel that there are 2,000+ other applicants just as qualified as you are. What sets you apart from these qualified applicants? I would hope that my well rounded nature and individuality does, but maybe that's not enough. My GMAT score puts me in contention and my grades hold steady at decent. I am by no means a valedictorian, but I feel I have redeeming qualities. I was not confident about my first interview and felt I was reaching for information at the end. Since then, I feel I have solidified my story more and feel confident about telling it. I have also expanded my research of the different programs and hopefully I can ace the next one. It's had to tell what keeps you in the ballgame and what becomes the deal breaker. I can only hope that I haven't hit the deal breaker.

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