Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My heart races as I see a message from the Kellogg School of Management in my inbox. I am not sure if it is an interview extension or worse, denying admittance before they know any more. Instead, it is a message telling me that my application is incomplete and therefore could be pushed to a further round. I know I was not as careful with my submission for Kellogg as I have been with the other schools to which I'm applying, but I thought I had my bases covered. Unfortunately, I may have been wrong.

I signed on to see what I was so haphazardly missing. Sure enough, checked boxes next to each item on the list except "career progress survey". Now this couldn't possibly be anything that I filled out, but nonetheless I checked both Part I and II of the application, but to no avail did I find to what the missing check refers. Process of elimination says that it must be on the recommendations, but both my recommendations were turned in 4 days before D-day and you can't submit them without completing all sections. Needless to say, I shot a quick note back to Kellogg asking for what was missing exactly and advice me on the next step. I hope this was just a system glitch. What a pain.

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