Friday, October 26, 2007

Revamp...I lost count

Thursday night, 11 pm, I may actually get to bed at a "decent" hour tonight. It's amazing how your view on time and sleeping changes as you get less of it.

I just finished another revamp of most my Darden and Michigan essays. I have one more essay in the Darden set to review, however, I don't have the thought process or energy to do it tonight. Definitely tomorrow though. In some ways, I feel that I am close to finishing, but in other ways, I have no idea. It's hard because my reviewers at the moment are people that may be good at writing, but haven't interacted with the b-school adcom. I don't count their comments any differently, but it's been a different process. I send my essays to 5 people hoping at least one if not two returns some quality comments.

Tonight, I shot Stu an email to see if he'd be willing to get together before my soccer game on Saturday. It'd be nice to have a session and have him look over all my essays. I feel that he has a good handle on what is going on with these essays. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll see if Mary is willing to get together. I thought about asking her first, but because I have worked with Stu, I guess I am a bit more comfortable. In retrospect though, that's the exact reason I should have asked Mary. I don't know her well and on some levels, I guess I feel that she is one of "Nate's friends". I know that sounds absurd, but even through everything, I never want to step on toes. He means/meant far too much to me. I think I've written too much... (luckily few people read this but me)

It's strange how I can feel on top of my essays like everything works, but then I can feel so removed from it all. I wonder who this person I write about is and mainly, if she really is me. How can you convey a sense of who you are in 3 essays, with word limits of 500 and 300 words. You do have to cut the BS, but by doing that, are you just adding more? ... Getting too philosophical for me. G'night.

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