Friday, October 19, 2007

When did Friday arrive?

A typical Friday morning goes something like this: alarm blares and as I roll out of bed my first thought is, TGIF, WOO HOO! Today was a little different. After two nights of about 4 hours of sleep each, I'll admit, I'm running below par. I woke with a calf cramp in my left calf and when I tried to fix it, I cramped my right leg. Fixed the latter and returned to the left, all while the alarm was still blaring. ARGH! I wasn't moving quite as slow as I have over the last two days, but when I realized that today IS Friday, I was a bit puzzled. When did Friday arrive?

At officially some time around 2 am this morning, I hit the submit button on my Kellogg application. I can't begin to explain what a relief that is. I'll admit, I wish I hadn't been so close to the 11 pm Oct. 19th deadline, but at least it has been completed in Round 1. I would have liked a couple more sets of eyes on my essays, but I'll admit, I've moved on. I'm thinking about the next two schools and I have 2 weeks to finish those essays. Luckily, some of the information overlaps. :D

On that note, I'd like to discuss Michigan in depth. I attended another information session for Michigan last night. This brings me to a total of 3 separate interactions with Michigan and its alumni. The presentation last night was fantastic. Not only was the presenter knowledgeable, but she was also clear, concise and descriptive. I finally get it and I finally understand the Ross advantage. It's hard to say, but Ross may now be my number 1 choice.

On that same note, I met a professor's wife during the reception. She was very sweet and outgoing. And she confirmed a perception I have had of Michigan. From the people I've met, the people I've interacted with and my knowledge of a passionate football school in your quintessential college town, I have always thought that Michigan is similar to Boulder. Turns out she could speak to that perception seeing she spent 2 years at Michigan and 2 years at Colorado for her undergrad. There is an instant connection that brings all CU alum together and without even visiting the campus, I know Michigan alum are the same.

There are three things that attract me to Michigan. The first is the people. You will spend 2 years networking and building strong friendships with 800 amazing Ross students, but at the end of the day, if you don't like them, you're not going to get much out of business school.

Next is the mantra - "leading thought through action". After 4 years in college and 3 years on the job, I'd be an advocate of a semester work study program between Sophomore and Junior year in college. I often remember that at some point, I should have learned various techniques for evaluating stocks and such, but I can not remember what they are. Applying them to practical situations may have changed that. Of course, the most highly regarded practice of leading thought through action is MAP. The more I hear about this course, the more excited I get. The opportunity to essentially have two experiences of applied business practice is phenomenal.

And this brings me to number 3, an international experience. Michigan has students from all over the world, who will enrich the classroom environment, but Michigan also provides substantial opportunity for international travel. The first is MTrek - the pre-term trip. The second is MAP. You may select projects that are ONLY outside the United States. There are also multiple study abroad programs including one in Germany that does not coincide with the summer internship and another term. You also have the ability to do your summer internship abroad, not to mention, there are several other opportunities in the realm of service and personal travel. Every time I return from one of these info sessions that go as well as this one, I get this combined feeling of complete excitement, followed by the fear of rejection. Wish me luck!

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