Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Days Blur

I'm not sure how it is possible that I immediately get out of bed when the alarm to start blaring. I quit hitting snooze months ago which means I not only get a solid 30 minutes of extra sleep, but I also don't have to hear the alarm twice. I'll admit, like with anything, some mornings are easier than others. Lately, I can't say the mornings are difficult, but I feel like I'm in a haze day in and out. I couldn't figure out if it was Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday this morning. Process of elimination says it couldn't be Monday because I do recall going to work yesterday. Unfortunately, it was going the day before that was tough to decipher. Eventually I concluded that it is indeed Wednesday and I desperately need rest. I contemplate blowing off essays tonight and crashing at 8 pm. It would probably be a good idea, but the essays need to get done.

After work I'm going to test drive a Subaru Tribeca. I'll admit that I don't know enough about the car, but I am hoping to learn more today. The feeling is strange, I absolutely LOVE my car, however I was not satisfied when I was told that my CD player isn't working because it is finicky. That answer is unacceptable! Not to mention, it just so happens that I am 3 weeks from the end of my lease, however, I don't exactly have the time to go searching for a new car. Consequently, I'm looking at a price point right now, which is a sticker price comparable to my buyout. As I've told my mom, at some point, I'd like not to have a car payment, but for some reason, I keep looking at leases. I think I may also glance at the Acrua RDX. It's substantially smaller than my BMW, but it doesn't hurt to look.

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