Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Review 1

I finished the last of my Kellogg essays on Friday night. I would have preferred the completion date to have been Thursday, but unfortunately, my cold got the best of me and sent me to bed. My body needed the R&R, however, the deadline is approaching too quickly for sick days. I was hoping that my friends weren't like me, but they are. They disconnect from the world on Friday and don't reconnect until Sunday night, hence the lag in reviews. I didn't realize how quickly these dates would come, but sure enough - 3 days until D-day. Stu and I hashed out my essays last night. Sometimes I think I have my A-game and other times, I'm definitely coming off the bench.

It seems my problem is focusing. Why Kellogg? Why NOW? I know the "why now", but perhaps I'm not articulating as I should. To be frank, I'm bored and ready for a new adventure. The learning curve has straightened and I spend more time at work doing 'other things' than actual work. Hence this blog post. On the other hand, the business does not excite me anymore. Where do you go in a company if you are not interested in any of the other positions? You move sideways until you're willing to break out. This will hopefully be my step to break the mundane days I currently lead.

Back to the essays. I feel like all I write about is work, soccer, and Spinsters. There's more to me than that right? And if so, what is it?? Passion, introspective, evaluative - all themes these essays need to convey. Back to the grind.

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