Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Word Limit

The word limits on business school essays are quite an interesting concept. They are easy to exceed, but with careful review, they are also easy to meet. But I run into problems when the limit is 500 words and I have 503. Where do you find three unnecessary words to delete? It is not easy, but somehow I managed to oblige. This act of deleting is a paradox. On one hand, it is difficult, but on the other, it makes you check your writing for precision. You must also acknowledge what is important and what is "fluff". As we grow up, we are taught to add a lot of fluff to meet that five page requirement. I wonder how English teachers deal with all the B.S.

On a positive note, 'fat' drained, I think my Michigan essays are COMPLETE. I reviewed the full application yesterday and all that is left to do is double check my section about who at Ross I have had contact with in the last year. This would be a lot easier if I have collected business cards, which I did not think about at the time because I had received business cards from people that I never used. I thought, why waste the paper. Definitely kicking myself a bit now.

One essay left for Darden to touch up and revamp. Wish me luck!

D-day: 3 days!

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